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Written by Jay Kay and Toby Smith

The kids need education
And the streets are never clean
I've seen a certain disposition, prevailing in the wind,
Sweet change if anybody's listening?
Emergency on Planet Earth
Is that life that I am witnessing
Or just another wasted birth

We got emergency
Emergency on Planet Earth

Think we're standing for injustice
White gets two and black gets five years,
Took me quite a while to suss this,
But now I know my head is cleared
And a little boy in hungry land, is just a picture in the news,
Change shoes
Won't see him in the TV advertising,
Cause it might put you off your food

We got emergency
Emergency on Planet Earth
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Автор минуса: Кривенко Павел
Исполнитель: Jamiroquai
Стиль /  жанр: Зарубежная поп-музыка

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